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  • The Beginner Bundle includes one "row" of 3 ZipRacks and one light rack. (In systems with only one light rack, lighting will not be double-sided.)
  • The Beginner Bundle includes 3 ZipRacks.
  • Bright Agrotech ZipFarm
  • Bright Agrotech ZipFarm Indoor Farming
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  • Bright Agrotech ZipFarm Indoor Farming
  • Bright Agrotech ZipFarm Indoor Farming
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ZipFarm: Beginner Bundle

Contact us at info@brightagrotech.com or call at (307) 288-1188.
1,000.00 LBS

Product Description

Intense indoor farming has never been accessible. With the ZipFarm, that changes.

  • It's highly productive
  • Compact and flexible
  • Easier to scale up than ANY other system out there.


By using casters and quick connect plumbing fittings on each ZipRack, the farmer easily removes a single rack and wheels it to plant, harvest, or bring to market.

Whether you choose 5' or 7' towers, individual ZipGrow Towers are lightweight and easy to manage.
Vertical plane production means that you can maintain plants, drip emitters and other equipment all from ground level.
No forklift required. One person can move a rack without exertion. The end result is a more efficient and safer work environment for you and your employees. 

Scalability is a major concern for farmers; we know this firsthand! We want people to be able to start as small or as large as they are comfortable with. Once you further understand your system and markets you can simply add light racks and ZipRacks to increase your production. Growing your business is straight forward and accessible. 

Obviously the biggest concern for commercial producers is being able to make a living while doing what they love. By growing vertically with the Beginner Bundle you can have anywhere from 480 to 1,200 plants growing at one time (depending on crop, spacing, tower height, etc.). 


Available in either 5' or 7' tower sizes (Price decreases with 5' towers)

Contact our Customer Empowerment Team for more detailed pricing.


The Beginner Bundle includes: 


  • 3 - ZipRacks with 20 ZipGrow towers per rack (60 towers)
    • Mobile and space efficient
    • Integrated irrigation and drainage in each rack
  • 1 - Light Rack
    • High quality, powder coated steel structure
    • Designed specifically for use with ZipRacks 
  • LumiGrow Pro 325 lights, tracks, light movers and mounting equipment
    • Long lasting, efficient, high intensity LED lighting
    • Light tracks and movers help you get the most out of your lights


Optional Add-on kits (for a more "turn-key" solution):


  • Plumbing Package + $7,400
  • Climate Control Package (call for pricing)
  • Support Package (free with purchase)
  • Installation and Training Package (starts at $2,550)

For additional information on these system components and facility requirements, check out our Ordering Guide.

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