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  •  Y Filter for Hydroponics
  •  Y Filter for Hydroponics

Y Filter - 1 1/2

3.00 LBS
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Product Description

Y-Filter: Remove harmful solids and silts from your solution

The Y-Filter or "canister filter" is an essential filtration component for most hydroponic systems.

As part of a filtration manifold, the fine mesh (just under 0.1250 mm) in the Y-filter's canister removes solids and silts from the nutrient solution. This helps farmers to:

  • Avoid clogging
  • Reduce risk of anaerobic areas
  • Remove many causes of disease

Easy to backflush and clean, the Y-filter is the simplest way to filter your system water to the quality you need.


GPH: 50-65


To see how the Y-filter is configured in a filtration manifold, click here.

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