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  • In this guide, learn about the factors that affect the shelf life - and quality! - of your crops.
  • Explore the 4 main factors of shelf life and how to manage them in this eBook.
  • Preview: Temperature and respiration

The Small Farmer's Guide to Post-Harvest Care


Product Description

Local farmers have the advantage of freshness

Unfortunately, that advantage can be lost by poor harvesting, packaging, and storage practices.


In this eBook learn what causes the common post-harvest problems of chilling damage, rapid decay, wilting, and bruising. Learn about the 4 factors of shelf life and how to control them:

1. Respiration

2. Temperature & humidity

3. Handling

4. Ethylene


This guide includes general "do's and don'ts" of harvesting and packaging as well as useful appendices to help growers identify the correct temperatures for storing different crops. 



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