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  • pH 7.01 Calibration Solution for hydroponic farmers

pH 7.01 Calibration Solution

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Product Description

Calibration Solution is Key

Calibration and conductivity standard solutions... a must in every grower's toolbox.

The Bluelab calibration and conductivity standard solutions are essential for use with all Bluelab products for the calibration of pH and testing the cleanliness of the Bluelab Conductivity/Temperature probe.

Bluelab solutions are manufactured specifically for Bluelab products and are referenced to high laboratory standards to ensure your Bluelab products last longer and maintain accuracy.

Bluelab's EC/CF equipment does not need calibrating as they are all factory calibrated here at Bluelab. The CF27.7 (EC2.77) solution is used as a reference or checking solution to ensure you have adequately cleaned the EC/CF probe.

Contamination between solutions can easily occur, which will affect the validity of the calibration. Bluelab recommend that the solutions are de-cantered into a smaller vessel and the contents discarded when the calibration process has been completed.




Q: How often should I calibrate?

A: Clean & calibrate meters every 30 uses or 30 days for best results. A 7 & 4 will appear on the screen of the combo meters to indicate it is properly calibrated--when it goes away, it is time to calibrate. A check mark will appear on the screen of all other meters to indicate it is properly calibrated--when it goes away, it is time to calibrate. Calibration process has been made uniform across entire product line as of 2 years ago. Calibration instructions are printed on the back of each meter. Always calibrate at 7.0 first, then 4.



Q: Does Bluelab have a technical support line?

A: Yes they do. Their USA tech support line is (909) 599-1940.



Q: What is causing calibration to run slowly?

A: The wick is dry. Proper hydration of pH probes is vital to maintain the wicks inside.



Q: Can I use reverse osmosis (RO) water to store or calibrate my meter?

A: Do not use RO water to test meters–-there are no dissolved solids to read.



Q: Is it important to know the scale of nutrients being used?

A: It is very important to know the scale of the nutrients you are using. General Hydroponics & Dutch Master use the 500 scale. Most other nutrients use the 700 scale.



Q: Does Bluelab offer technical product training to retail stores?

A: Yes! Their Growers Success Program (GSP) is offered to selected stores currently. Stores are trained on use of all meters, troubleshooting returns, calibrating units, replacing probes, etc. This training program will be expanding to more stores soon!



Q: Can I use any vendor's calibration solution?

A: It is recommended to use only same brand solutions (Bluelab calibration solutions with Bluelab meters, etc.).



Q: What is the suggested pH range for my hydroponic system and soil plants?

A: Hydroponic and soil gardens differ in the fact they both need different pH ranges for nutrients to be made available for plant absorption. Maintain a pH between 5.0 and 6.5 for hydroponic gardens and 6.0 to 7.0 for soil applications.


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