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My Aqua Farm - Multiple Sizes

235.00 LBS
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Product Description

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Aqua Farm: a turnkey aquaponic farm for anyone to use

The Aqua Farm system is the first consumer grade system offered by Hughey Aquafarm and is backed by 10 years of experience actually doing aquaponics. It’s the first of it’s kind that can be shipped flat and easily assembled on site.

This simple 16-square foot system is fairly low-maintenance and very productive.

Just add plants, fish and grow bed media, and you're growing!



  • Complete Frame
  • Grow Bed Liner
  • Fish Tank Liner
  • Pump
  • Plumbing



How long should it take to build?

For a person building this for the first time it can take as little as a couple hours to a full day depending on their mechanical aptitude and familiarity with basic hand tools.


What is the Volume? 

The volumes of the My AquaFarm™ Aquaponics System growbed is approximately 16 cu. ft. The volume of the fish tank is approximately 168 gallons. While, to some, the fish tank is large in comparison to the growbed, we have found most people, new to aquaponics, find the fishkeeping aspect to be the greater challenge. The larger fish tank gives a bit more "forgiveness" to this aspect of aquaponics.


Do I plant seeds directly or plant seedling starts?

You can do both.  Seeds like beans can be directly planted in the place where they are to be grown.  Small seeds like basil are sprinkled over the growbeds and the top surface shaken a bit to settle the seeds in the gravel.  Plants transplanted into the system should be closely inspected for pests and any pests removed before being transferred into the growbeds. 


What is the cycle time and how long should it be?

Cycle time is the time between the flood valve operating to empty the water from the growbed.  There are several things that happen while the cycle is occurring.  Water is being aerated on it's way into the growbed.  Plants are taking up nutrients and as such cleaning the water for the fish.  The areas of the growbed not filled are being bathed in atmospheric oxygen for the health of the bacteria (they are aerobic) and plant roots (yes plant roots require oxygen).  I personally prefer a cycle time around 40 minutes between flood valve activations.  The plants and fish you use may change that depending on your conditions.  40 minutes is a good starting place though.


Shipping Weight Approx: 235 lbs


My Aqua Farm Basics – PDF Download

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