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  • The Freshwater Master Test Kit is a highly accurate and recommended kit for aquaponic growers of any size.
  • Use the Freshwater Master Test Kit to measure pH, ammonia, ammonium, nitrites, and nitrates.

Freshwater Master Test Kit


1.20 LBS
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Product Description

Maintain water quality for fish and plants!

Aquaponic growers can now test both pH and their 4 core nitrogen compounds: ammonia, ammonium, nitrites, and nitrates with one kit. Monitoring nitrogen levels and pH allows growers to manage response time, avoid toxic ammonia levels, and keep nutrient levels high for healthy crops.

The Freshwater Master Testkit is our tried and true method for monitoring aquaponic water. It's highly accurate and great for growers of any size.



  • 7 bottles of test solution
  • Testing strips
  • Laminated color card
  • 4 test tubes and holding tray
  • Step-by-step instruction booklet

Get the instructions for using the Freshwater Master Test Kit here. 

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