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  • FlexiPlugs for vertical farming

FlexiPlug 225s - Case of 5,000

60.00 LBS
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Product Description

FlexiPlugs use increased aeration and water retention to help your seedlings grow healthy and strong. Uniform plugs keep your growing areas neat and allow for uniform growth across seedling trays. Less labor and less cleanup makes FlexiPlugs a favorite among indoor and outdoor growers alike.


FlexiPlugs are created by blending the highest quality peat with other organics and a foam binder. The result is a stabilized propagation medium that promotes faster rooting for cuttings while providing the consistent moisture needed for seed germination. FlexiPlugs are also pH balanced and also contains micronutrients and active biologicals so it has all the elements needed to promote healthy root growth and young plant vigor. 


Width: 0.75"

Height: 1 3/4"

5,000 rooting sponges per case


Product Videos

Flexiplugs from Bright Agrotech 05:28

These are the flexi plugs I bought for Bright Agrotech, a great way to start seeds weather in dirt or aquaponics

  • Flexiplugs fro...
    These are the flexi plugs I bought for Bright Agrotech, a grea...
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