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Bright Agrotech's Support Promise



Our staff currently consists of highly dedicated team members, and our ranks are expanding quickly. Every member of our team spends time each week interacting with and assisting customers. When you buy ZipGrow, you are also buying our exhaustive support network designed to see you succeed regardless of the size of your ZipGrow system.


General inquiries? Email Elijah, who will get you connected to a resource or in-house expert with the answers if he can't answer the question himself.
Content requests? If our existing Resource Library doesn't hold the answer, we will get it to you some other way. Send suggestions and requests for content to the content manager, Amy.








Are you an educator? Halle is the hub for the educators community. She can answer questions about topics like vertical gardening in your classroom, finding teaching resources, and even using the produce that you grow.





Building a large-scale operation? Elesif is in charge of getting large farmers and high-tech operations what they need to succeed.








If you're already trained and ready to start your Upstart farm, talk to Perry, our Upstart Farmers Community Manager, about getting your small farm up and running, finding markets, and how to gain access to the community of Upstart Farmers.





USU and USF Support Offerings
Not sure where to start? Not sure if Upstart Farming is really for you?
Enroll in our Upstart University and go through online courses designed to take you from a novice grower and entrepreneur to a professional Upstart Farmer.


Upstart University is also a dynamic online community where you get tips and advice from the pros, one-on-one attention from our team of Upstart Farmer experts, access to student forums, and engagement in events like USU office hours.

Take a preview course now for free. If you find it as helpful, continue your education with USU for only $10/month.

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