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  • Kale Toscano Microgreen Seed
  • Kale microgreens ready to harvest
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16 oz Kale, Toscano (Micro Green Seed)

1.00 LBS
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Product Description

A mild, buttery flavor with a nutritional punch

Kale microgreens are tender with dark green leaves and light green stems. 

Avg. 139,200 seeds/lb.
CULTURE:Grow in a greenhouse or protected area. Follow the germination guidelines for the specific variety being grown. However, you can generally be successful by following the guidelines for Brassica family members: Grow in shallow trays or 20-row flats.

HARVEST:Once cotyledons have fully developed or once the first true leaves begin to emerge, depending upon your market. Typically micros range from 1/2-2" in height. For most items this will be 2-4 weeks after sowing, depending on the variety, growing conditions, and final product size desired. Cut with scissors, a sharp knife, or an electric knife (fastest) and minimize handling to reduce damage. Microgreens must be washed before serving. Shelf life ranges from 5-10 days under proper storage conditions.

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